Purchasing the Right Salon Equipment

If you’re planning to start your own salon, the first thing you need to purchase is salon equipment. It is important to know the basic equipment you need for the salon instead of making unnecessary purchases. Otherwise, you might end up allocating money to pointless equipment instead of the vital ones.

Below is the list of the basic salon equipment:

Styling chair. This is one of the most essential equipment in any salon. This is typically a chair that enables hair stylists to rotate it and adjust it up and down. It is important that you make your clients feel comfortable. Although you can buy styling chairs that come in different design and colors, the basic ones will suffice.

Hair steamers. Any salon has hair steamers. A hair steamer is used in deep conditioning treatments and color application process. This tool needs attention and proper use to ensure safety of your clients. All salon personnel must be trained well on how to operate hair steamers.

Hair combs and brushes. Salons deal and work with different hair and hairstyles. Each of these types of hair and hairstyles require a variety of combs and brushes.

Shampoo bowls. This is not similar to a food bowl but more of a basin. It is especially designed to hold the neck comfortably while washing. Shampoo bowls are used when rinsing solutions and color, in washing the hair before the haircut, and when applying conditioner.

Hair products. Hair products include hair colors, dyes, gels, mouse, shampoos, conditioners and perm solution. The salon may opt to have several brands or stick with selected ones. For example, some salons choose to have two to three different brands of hair color. The price of coloring procedure will vary according to the quality of the brands.

Now you have a list of frequently used equipment in any salon. If you still have more left in your budget, you can add more to your list!